2016 PGF Indoor Winter Shootout.

Not even the 14 degree outdoor temperatures could cool down the red hot Aces as they outscore opponents 36-0 in the 2016 PGF Indoor Winter Shootout.





Coach Taylor demonstrating one-handed juggling.



Aces glad to be back together after the winter break.



Coach Ryan hitting outfield warm-ups.



2015 PGF Indoor Invitational Champs


Congratulations #Aces on winning the 2015 PGF Indoor Invitational.


It was a cold, wet, wintery weekend, but that didn’t stop the red-hot Aces from having a strong showing in bracket play.



Coach Ryan and Coach Taylor provide some post game comments.



The talk of the day was the need for coffee and Kenny’s old school baseball cap as David and Leo rock the flat brim.



And what does a smile look like after a home run, just ask Havyn?



And Kenzie discusses with “Blue” how far her home run was in her previous at bat.



Nasty roads and missing the Super Bowl aside, it was another great weekend for softball.


PGF Winter Invite Jan 31 – Feb1 Schedule

Satuday Jan 31st

DOORS Open at 7:00 (3 Game Pool Play)

Game Time Field Teams Game Time Field Teams
7:30am-8:35am West KC Peppers-Wallace vs. St. Joe Angels 7:30am-8:35am East Echoes Elite Gold vs. Originals Sharp
8:40am-9:45am West St. Joe Angels vs. Team Power 97  8:40am-9:45am East Team Power 16 vs. Originals Sharp
9:50am-10:55am West KC Peppers-Wallace vs. Team Power 97 9:50am-10:55am East Echoes Elite Gold vs. Team Power 16
11:00am-12:05pm West KC Peppers-Wallace vs. Originals Sharp  11:00am-12:05pm East Echoes Elite Gold vs. St. Joe Angels
12:10pm-1:15pm West Team Power 16 vs. Team Power 97 12:10pm-1:15pm East Demarini Aces vs. Butler CC
1:20pm-2:25pm West Originals CK vs. Olathe Rockets Gold 1:20pm-2:25pm East Demarini Aces vs. Iowa Premier
3:40pm-4:45pm West Olathe Rockets Gold vs. Worth Prospects 3:40pm-4:45pm East Butler CC vs. Iowa Premier
4:50pm-5:55pm West KC Peppers Gold vs. Originals Koop 4:50pm-5:55pm East Demarini Aces vs. Originals CK
6:00pm-7:05pm West Olathe Rockets Gold vs. Iowa Premier 6:00pm-7:05pm East Butler CC vs. Worth Prospects
7:10pm-8:15pm West Originals CK vs. Worth Prospects 7:10pm-8:15pm East KC Monarchs vs. I-Club Blue
8:20pm-9:25pm West Originals Koop vs. St. Louis Espirit 8:20pm-9:25pm East I-Club Blue vs. Eastern Iowa Barracudas
9:30pm- 10:35pm West St. Louis Espirit vs. KC Peppers Gold 9:30pm- 10:35pm East Eastern Iowa Barracudas vs. KC Monarchs
10:40pm-11:45pm West Originals Koop vs. I-Club Blue 10:40pm-11:45pm East KC Peppers Gold vs. KC Monarchs
11:50pm-12:55am West Eastern Iowa Barracudas Vs. St. Louis Espirit 11:50pm-12:55am East Tulsa Elite vs. I-Club Blue
Sunday Feburary 1

DOORS Open at 6:30 (Single Elimination Bracket)

Game Tim Field Teams Game Time Field Teams
7:00am-8:10am West Tulsa Elite Vs. St. Joe Angels(pool) 7:00am-8:10am East Team Power 16A Vs. Worth Prospects
8:15am-9:25am West Tulsa Elite Vs. Olathe Rockets Gold 8:15am-9:25am East Team Power 97 Vs. Echoes Elite Gold
9:30am-10:40am West KC Peppers-Wallace Vs. TBD 9:30am-10:40am East DeMarini Aces Vs. Olathe Rockets Gold
10:45am-11:55am West Originals Koop Vs. Iowa Premier 10:45am-11:55am East Origianls Sharp Vs. St. Joe Angels
12:00pm-1:10pm West Tulsa Elite Vs. St. Louis Espirit 12:00pm-1:10pm East KC Monarch Vs. TBD
1:15pm-2:25pm West Eastern Iowa Barracudas Vs. Originals CK 1:15pm-2:25pm East I-Club Blue Vs. KC Peppers Gold
2:30pm-3:40pm West TBD 2:30pm-3:40pm East TBD
3:45pm-4:55pm West TBD 3:45pm-4:55pm East TBD
5:00pm-6:10pm West TBD 5:00pm-6:10pm East TBD
6:15pm-7:25pm West NO GAME 6:15pm-7:25pm East Championship Game